2017 YVAS Birding Trips

Lazuli Bunting by Jeff Dunham


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker by Will Crain in N. C.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher by Jeff Dunham



Western Tanager by Will Crain



Greater Roadrunner by Steve Regele in Arizonia

Carolina Wren by Will Crain in Virginia


Red-eyed Vireo by Will Crain


MacGillivray’s Warbler by Will Crain




McCown’s Longspur by Will Crain


Mountain Plover by Steve Regele


Golden Eagle by Steve Regele


Golden-Eagle-Nestling in a Snow Storm by Steve Regele

Dipper by Will Crain



Spiney Shell and Painted Turtles at Riverfront Park by Jeff Dunham


Sora by Jeff Dunham


Wilson’s Phalarope by Steve Regele


Mallard by Will Crain


American Avocet by Robert Hill


YVAS Birding at Freezout Lake by Steve Regele








White-throated Sparrow by Will Crain in Virginia


Peregrine Falcon by Will Crain

Sandhill Crane and Colt by Barbara Garrett


Sandhill Cranes and Pronghorn by Will Crain


Prothonotary Warbler by Will Crain in Virginia


Ovenbird by Will Crain


Hammond’s Flycatcher by Will Crain


Mountain Bluebird by Will Crain


Ring-necked Pheasant by Steve Regele


Turkey Vulture by Will Crain


Peregrin Falcon by Jim Wiggins


Ferruginous Hawk Nestlings by Steve Regele


Long-billed Curlew at Night by Steve Regele


Red-winged Blackbird by Will Crain


Harlequin Ducks by Steve Regele


Horned Grebes by Steve Regele


American Avocet by Steve Regele


Trumpeter Swans by Steve Regele


Snow Geese Liftoff at Freezout Lake by Steve Regele


White-throated Sparrow by Will Crain in Virginia


Long-billed Curlew by Jeff Dunham

Ruby-crowned Kinglet by Will Crain


Blue Jay by Will Crain

Yellow-rumped Warbler by Will Crain

Vermillian Flycatcher by Steve Regele in Arizonia

Long-billed Curlew by Steve Regele

Horned Lizard by Steve Regele

McCowan’s Longspur’s Nest by Steve Regele



Turkey Vulture by Will Crain




Prairie Falcon by Steve Regele


American Crow by Will Crain

Northern Pygmy Owl by Steve Regele


Cliff Swallows at Nests by Steve Regele





Yellow-headed Blackbird by Robert Hill

Killdeer by Will Crain

Barrow’s Goldeneye by Steve Regele


Night Heron by Steve Regele


Pod of Coots by Steve Regele


American White Pelicans by Steve Regele







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